Low potency weed myths are changing the way people grow, buy and sell retail cannabis, and not for the better. Many people mistakenly believe these myths that low potency strains will make you feel less medicated. The problem is, that is not always the case. THC is not the only factor that determines the potency of the strain, and it is not always the best way to judge how strong the effects will be. 

Did you know that some of the most potent strains often have a THC percentage of only 10% – 15%.  People are often surprised to find that they feel more effects from lower potency options than from strains with higher percentages. To understand what causes different strains to have different potencies, you have to look at the makeup of the actual plant.

What Determines A Cannabis Plant’s Potency? 

THC is not the only factor that affects the potency levels of the strain. The cannabis plant is a complicated one, and it contains several compounds that contribute to its effects.  THC combines with terpenes and cannabinoids to create the specific overall effect of the plant.

Terpenes are one compound within cannabis that helps determine how the strain will make you feel. These important molecules decide the aroma and flavor of the flower. They work with the plant’s other molecules, yielding a synergistic effect (known as the “entourage effect”).

It is often the terpenes that determine the effects a plant is known for, such as the terpene myrcene being praised for its relaxing and anxiety-reducing effects. There are also many cannabinoids in cannabis, each with different levels of psychoactivity. They can affect the way the strain’s THC reacts with your brain.

Which THC Cannabis Strain Is Right For Me?

Wedding Cake & Damiana Key Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Pinene
Effects: Damiana has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac, and Caryophyllene for stress relief. For a different kind of passion, Pinene’s cerebral effect can help spark creative inspiration.

Blue Diamond By Old Pal: Effects: Mood-boosting and lucid pain relief, energetic, euphoric, alert Flavors: fruit, earth, flower , earthy, hash and pine, with a touch of blueberry

Authors note: Using cannabis in the bedroom you want lowe potency weed comes in around 10-14% the idea is to provide a euphoric experience without overwhelming the consumer.

Low Potency weed strains
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