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Why We Started

Marygold was founded in 2013 on the idea that cannabis can be used as medicine to treat the human body. We want to help bring this medicine to the forefront of personal wellness. The way forward for us has always to work with integrity above all else. We are committed because we believe we can effect positive change in our community and beyond. We established our brand with the hope that the government would recognize this amazing plant as medicine as well.


Wait, I just want to have fun with weed?

We have you covered there too. That’s the best part of all of this. Cannabis is fun! We love it too! Life is too crazy and weird to cast aside fun from the equation. Enjoying life is truly a fundamental part of it. An after-work smoke sesh or starting off the day with an edible is so much better for your mind, body, and spirit than booze. A robust wellness routine has got to include fun, and cannabis is your ride or die.


Our Commitment

We are committed to bringing back some quality to our lives and bringing love, compassion, and kindness to the clinical world of modern healthcare. We are driven and passionate about this cause and we work tirelessly to change the approach to personal wellness.

Our commitment to integrity and transparency is the foundation Marygold is built upon. We have stood behind those values at all costs- sometimes that even meant risking our freedom because for us there was no other way.

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